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yoga retreat + guesthouse
valencia, spain
august 2019
phase 1 - built
phase 2 - under construction
photo credits:
stefano licchin
stephan haufe

To breath and stretch has a new destination. Two abandoned houses of a finca were the starting point for a yoga retreat and a guesthouse in the valencian countryside. At a walking distance to the mountains and with views to the mediterranean sea, the steep topography of the site  was used to organize the program with the existing plateaus.


The new volumes we created add clear lines to the existing rustic architecture, which has been integrated maintaining a low profile using local materials like ochre stone and lime-white walls.


All the interior walls of the upper house with the gable roof were removed to host the yoga center in an open space in the upper level, as well as the communal kitchen and a living room with a winter garden closing the porch. Also the 2 floors of the second house, on the lower level with the flat roof, has been completely renovated into a guesthouse with 6 rooms with integrated private bathrooms modifying all the interior walls and some exterior areas including the porch. 

The first phase finished this summer and focused on the main functional services as the yoga space and the guesthouse, but also on nice-to-have amenities like the 20 meter swimming pool with recreation area and the vegetal and fruit orchards. 


The second phase will be ready for the next summer and will include an extension of the guesthouse with 2 more rooms in a complete new building, an exterior yoga platform, a new wall to the street and the renovation of the gable roof and the outdoor pavements.

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