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stop spot
leverano, italy
july 2014
special mention
project team:
josé ramos
The territory between Leverano and the coast is very diverse: greenhouses for floriculture and high quality vegetables and vineyards planged among olive trees and a remarcable tower tradition, once with defensive purpose, spattered the territory.

The view of the territory from above is marked by the strong geometry of the olive dotted grid, with its north-south orientation and a density that have barely change within the technological improvements through centuries. The olive trees are related to local traditions from the economy to gastronomy and are still strong attached to the local landscape identity.

To update the tourist infrastructure between Leverano and the coast with a system of observatories and other features, the proposal uses the existing olive dotted grid to set up a system of outposts that work as privileged activators integrated in a dispersed territory. These are located close to the local roads to re-activate sustainable transport systems between the visitors staying at Leverano and the tourist destinations in the Ionian sea.

The outpost emerge from the dots and keep the circular form that help to avoid the dichotomy between interior and the coast, treating the whole surrounded landscape with equalty and provid- ing a panoramic view across the Ionian horizon from its 6 levels.These towers in the landscape or 'stop spots', separated 1km to each other, cover the main area of the countryside and include it to in the tourist circuit. This new connected infrastructure can be settled up in different stages and are meant to be the start point to transform a traditional environment with new possibilities for locals and foreigners. 

The program of the tower varies in every level, having public uses up and down, and private uses in the middle levels. The programm of the proposed dots include an Info Point focused on e-mobility, shop with local products, 2 apartments with different sizes, multifunctional space that can be used for film projections, small talks of local associations, cooking classes or as a coworking space and a Sky bar with a roof garden .

The structure of the Dotspot has a concrete communication core and metal columns in the perimeter. The glass fassade allow a panoramic view from all the levels and the openings allow natural ventilation. To protect the glass fassade from the southern sun: cantilevers in each floor generate shadow and a metal envelope mesh to allow more privacity. 

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