neue heimat (1950-1982) - a social democratic utopia and its buildings
architecture museum tum
pinakothek der moderne
munich, germany
27th february - 19th may 2019
exhibition partners:
hamburgisches architekturarchiv
museum für hamburgische geschichte
project team:
hilde strobl (curator)
sina brückner-armin (assistance)
hannes aechter (exhibition graphic)
josé ramos (exhibition architecture)
We designed the architecture of the exhibition about the buildings of the 'Neue Heimat’, a West German corporation created after WWII to accelerate the physical reconstruction of the Federal Republic. In the period between 1952-1986 they built more than 300.000 housing units, developing urban projects and public iconic buildings like the International Congress Centrum in Berlin. Its success leaded to international projects in Europe, America, Africa and Asia and to one of the biggest corruption scandal of the country that ended with the company been sold in 1986. 
To host the vast material of the exhibition, we decided to work with industrial, mass-produced metal elements combining meshes and ventilation channel as a modular and flexible solution that connect the exhibition’s architecture with its content, linking materials and topics of the second half of the 20th century like seriation, prefabrication, modularity and flexibility. 
The exhibition was inaugurated last February 27th in Munich and will also be shown in Hamburg from June 2019.
See Hamburg exhibitions´pictures here.

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