google digital nature
berlin, germany
july 2019
invited competition
project team:
studio ramos
vielmo architekten gmbh
bartenbach gmbh (consultant)
IGW ingenieurgruppe walter (consultant)
The aim of our design is to re-open the representative courtyard to Johannis Straße and cover it with a light roof structure. This inviting access created is the company’s welcoming gesture toward the public space. Markers of the new building are its new “green canopy” together with pergolas on roof top terraces that are situated on the historical building’s lateral projections. At the same time, the canopy is the prelude to the sequence of spaces which mirror thedigital natural concept of the building. One is lead through the inviting, open courtyard to the generous lobby area. Then, from the lobby one can access the “green atrium”. As a space for communication and recreation, the atrium serves as the heart of the building. Big windows create a direct visual connection between the atrium and the streets outside.

STUDIO RAMOS · Emser Straße  40 · 10719 Berlin · · +49 (0) 30 889 229 40

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