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timur si-qin installation
'a reflected landscape'
IX berlin biennial of contemporary art
akademie der künste, berlin, germany
4th june - 18th september 2016
timur si-qin
société berlin
project team:
studio ramos
mixed media
A Reflected Landscape is an artificial terrain comprising a mixture of real and artificial greenery, rocks, and an LED video installation featuring content about the landscape itself. It is a landscape reflected in its own mediated image. Contemporary mechanisms of reflection and feedback whose non-linear and fractal dynamics are inherent to life and matter itself. Like the central buddhist concept of Pratītyasamutpāda, or dependent co-arising, Si-Qin suggests humans and nature, as mutually symbiotic agencies that represent and construct each other—a post-anthropocentric diorama in which nature has gained the capacity for self-understanding.
Photography by Timo Ohlert und José Ramos.
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